I’ve finally picked this high security Brinks padlock I’ve been working at for a few days now!

I’ve always suspected that there were security pins in this lock, but never could tell exactly how many…until I watched the following video:

4 security pins??  I never would’ve guessed four, but knowing that helped a lot.  As well as knowing that the 2nd pin seems to always been the pin stack without the security pin.  So now I gotta re-pin some of my other locks…or get some new ones ;-)

Lockpicking, Waiting for Downloads…

Working at a remote branch, waiting for some downloads to finish, I spent the time lockpicking!  Lockpicking is something I’ve been interested in for awhile, but just recently started picking more.

I don’t have a lot of locks, just things I’ve collected over the years, and a 15 piece lockpick set I bought from (11 picks, 4 tension tools).  Off camera, I have a bag with the rest of my locks.  All the locks you see there are the ones I’ve opened while waiting for the download.  I never did get that Brinks open.  One day… haha

I did end up making my first padlock shim though!  I’ve bought shims before, but wanted to go the DIY route after re-watching a Deviant Ollam video.  I found a can in a recycling bin in the lunch room…

If you want to build your own, here’s some instructions Deviant did for Beer Can Padlock Shim